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Let's play Fusen Volleyball together! 

We have created a new sport, Fusen (balloon) Volleyball that both able-bodied and disabled people
can participate in and enjoy.  We dream of a world where we can support one another and live together.

Outline: Fusen Volleyball is played on a badminton court with a 40 centimeter diameter balloon
with two small round bells inside.  Six players must touch the balloon before it is hit to the other team.
The balloon can be touched no more than 10 times before it crosses the net.

This is a new type of volleyball match which has as its motto "Everybody is included in the game."

You can start to play this sport so easily with a badminton court, a net, a balloon, and two small bells.

If you need balloons and bells, please contact us.  We are selling and sending them without any added cost.

Japan Fusen Volleyball Association

Office address:
Alleath, Kitakyushu Sports Center for the Disabled
3-4-1 Saburomaru Kokurakita-ku
802-0061 JAPAN

Tel:  +81(0)80-43104511
Fax:  +81(0)93-3837854

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