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The tournament we'd love to extend overseas

Fusen (balloon) Volleyball was established in 1989,and the next year when

the 26th National sports contest for athletes withdisabilities took place,

the first National tournament of Fusen Volleyball was held.

From then on, we’ve hoped that “Our dream is to make

Fusen Volleyball an Olympic sport.”

  Spreading this sport throughout the regionin Japan,

we set our sights overseas, translated the rulebook intoEnglish

and distributed it to some related associations fordisabled people.

  This sport has been spreading throughoutJapan year after year,

but there hasn’t been any reaction from overseas.

So, we thought that taking advantage of the 20th tournament,

we remade the new English rulebook in 2009, and woulddo publicity work

on the Internet or by other methods in order to appealfully to people overseas

to play Fusen Volleyball.

  Would you please understand and cooperateto help our dream

come true?

Furthermore, we would love to hold the World Cup ofFusen Volleyball
some day in the future, and we’re waiting withgreat anticipation for you
to join us.









 @Copyright(C) 2012, Japan Fusen Volleyball Association, all rights reserved.

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